Call2Actions! Programs for Culver City High School

We will recruit and train 24 (3 groups of 8) college students to facilitate Anti-Racism, Public Health and Community Advocacy programs for anti-poverty campaigns in California.



We all know the issues facing our democracy today. Rather than go on about the problem, we’d like to propose our solution.

We are recruiting and training a of 8 college students to facilitate Anti-Racism, Public Health and Community Advocacy for Culver City High School to revive the Human Relations Ambassadors Project and strengthen their work as a California Democratic School.

Top 3 Reasons why many schools don’t have these programs:


Programs that are fully staffed by professional staff are costly. Having trained interns who fundraise for the anti-racism, public health, and community advocacy programs is a sustainable option.


Running these programs falls on teachers, professors, or residential life staff who have to go out of their way to get the skills. Having trained interns who have developed expertise coached by professionals is an implementable alternative.


Teachers, Professors, Staff don’t have the luxury of time to plan these programs. Teaching is hard enough. Having college interns who take time out of their week to coordinate these programs encourages teacher, professor, staff collaboration and integration of new curriculum.


They will learn:

  • Council
  • Nonviolent-Communication
  • Conflict Transformation
  • The Transcend Method
  • Relational Public Narrative
  • The Interaction Method
  • Situational Leadership
  • Organizational Development
  • Program Management
  • Civil Resistance
  • Sociodrama & Forum Theatre
  • Experiential Learning Theories
  • Movement Gamification
  • Simulation Design
  • Media Literacy¬†